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Winter 2016 - Regina & Saskatoon Airport Esso to become Lockhart Aviation Services! (see news release below)

Feb 2016, Imperial Oil Ltd. has struck a deal to sell its aviation fuels business in Canada - including its aviation centre at the Regina & Saskatoon International Airport - for US$135 million to World Fuel Services Corp. of Miami, Fla.

The sale of Imperial assets is part of a US$260-million bargain by its parent, ExxonMobil Corp., to sell aviation fuelling operations at 83 airports in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Australia and New Zealand operated by its affiliates. World Fuel Services announced the deal last month on Business Wire, but no announcement was made by Exxon or Imperial.

Imperial spokeswoman Killeen Kelly confirmed the deal - but not the price tag - on Wednesday, and said it includes select operations at 34 airports in Canada.

They include 14 major airports, including Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto International, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Victoria, Regina and Saskatoon, and 20 general aviation markets in small centres such as Lethbridge, Norman Wells, N.W.T., Sudbury, Ont., and Toronto City Centre.

"World Fuel Service will continue to purchase aviation fuel products from Imperial for resale to sites," she said, adding the agreement is subject to Competition Bureau approval and change in control is expected in late 2016 to early 2017.

"Imperial's sales to commercial airlines are not affected by this transaction. We'll continue to serve commercial airlines at major airports, including Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Hamilton and others.

"To put it in context, the majority of operators affected by this transaction will be private, general aviation fliers."

In its news release issued Feb. 11, World Fuel Services says the Exxon affiliates' portfolio serves the business and commercial aviation sectors, adding it will enter a long-term agreement with Imperial Oil to become a wholesale distributor for general aviation fuel in Canada.
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