Saskatoon International Airport is served by two runways 8300x200 and 6200x150 asphalt runways.
Runway 09 has an ILS, VOR and GPS/RNAV on Runway 27 or NDB 09/27/15/33.

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Saskatoon Airport Esso 122.85

Saskatoon ATC Services:
Saskatoon Radio (Located at Winnipeg FIC) operates when tower is closed and mandatory radio procedures apply.
Saskatoon Radio (Winnipeg FIC) 122.5 1-866-WX-BRIEF
Saskatoon FSS (Winnipeg FIC) 126.7
Saskatoon Tower 118.3
Saskatoon Arrivals and Departures Controller (Winnipeg ACC) 119.9
Saskatoon Ground 121.9
ATIS 128.4